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Our sponsors allow us to offer the online gaming market with various everyday short articles free of charge. This allows us to offer independent stories and extensive analysis covering the worldwide market to the broadest group of readers.

About our 2017 sponsors

CONTRALOT is the legit and trusted Partner of Organisations that wishes to provide a Unified Player Interactive Experience to their players. CONTRALOT uses the most robust, effective and flexible Gaming Platform in the market, effortlessly integrating Mobile and Home Users with Retail, while linking ingenious Gaming Verticals.

We capitalise on the Global Footprint and the substantial Customer Base, to advance the very best Practices that supply the foundation of ongoing success with product or services design, constantly at the market leading edge.

Our Platforms Open Architecture permits the very best gaming content to be incorporated in a smooth way, supplying substantial advantages to our Customers that want to include their preferred 3rd Partner Games and make the most of our collaboration designs, constantly centred on performance and Customer Centricity. Our company believe that Systems and Human Capital integrated with the tested business designs are the crucial success aspects to complete and master the tough Regulatory Landscape.

DoubleTech establishes combined software application platforms and content for the online and land-based gaming market, together with supplying a series of secondary services such as marketing, hosting and CRM services.

DoubleTech supplies licensees with the tools to increase cross-selling chances, player commitment and yield, all through the effective management user interface.

NWS Technology is a leading supplier of digital gaming services for online and land-based gambling establishments– all supported by a deep and broad portfolio of player-favorite content.

NWS Technology provides operators games to keep players engaged.

FLY8 is an information company specialised in the aggregation and international circulation of actual time sports betting chances.

Dealing with a number of the market’s greatest names our services remain in use at the cutting edge of trading spaces internationally, where the focus pushes actual time, precise and appropriate information.

Our suite of services consists of the world’s most extensive sports betting chances information archive – saved in systems for simple retrieval for more historic analysis and modelling functions.

We work carefully with customers from start-ups to web giants, to offer custom betting information services that improve their current trading systems.